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"I have been a Seeker and still am.

But I stopped asking the books and the stars. 

I started listening to the teaching of my Soul."


I have many titles, but I will mostly choose to call myself a "Space Holder & Creator of Magic," or "JADE MAGIC" for short.  I am passionate about the process of Transformation; the whole person, from the inside out, as well as creating a healing & thriving environment to HOLD SPACE for all of it!  


Much of my background began through my personal process of the physical transformation of the BODY.  As a Figure Competitor who came nearly one point away from pursuing a career to acquire my Pro. Card at Nationals, I experienced the extreme and restrictive ways to change the composition of the body.  To my dismay, however, a certain body fat percentage did NOT bring about peace of mind, nor a genuine love of myself. 


I then found myself on a journey to discipline the MIND and acquire more knowledge to bring about wholeness.  I went back to school to study nutrition.  As I studied Nutritional Therapy, I realized just how affected our digestive systems are, based on our emotional state and environment we are in.  The more I began to explore the connection to our relationship to what we "digest" (what we eat/drink, read, watch, listen to, or experience), the more I discovered how we can tap into our true healing power and intuition (aka, our "guts") to empower our decisions to move toward our authentic selves, who can CHOOSE to live healthy & whole lives.


Then I met the deeper parts of my SOUL.


After several near-death experiences, world travel, Wilderness Therapy, trauma, betrayal & grief, managing various health issues, & losing Hope (my 6 week old puppy), I began having prophetic dreams.  These Dreams sent me on a Journey, leaving behind old beliefs and shame to embrace and embody my Queerness; my Magical Awakened Self.  It was actually more of a REMEMBERING of who I really AM, and where I come from.  Like a wild 'Treasure Hunt,' I am continually being led back to the essence of Divinity, Source, and all that is LOVE, which is also ME.




​And now I have returned to my first Love:  CREATIVITY. 

I have always had a natural gift for creating beautifully balanced spaces.  I love it when others walk into a room, and they can't quite explain why if feels so good.  THAT is my JADE MAGIC.  There is potential for everything to be beautiful, if you just give it the right space.  I believe we can be resourceful with the things we already have, and clear away the things that block old energy.  The spaces we find ourselves in daily, from our office to our homes, really do reflect the inner spaces of the SELF.  It's all about balance.


My other Loves:  PHOTOGRAPHY, WRITING, COLLAGING, SPACE BALANCING.... and of course, good food with soulful conversation.

I always create, first for myself, then for others.  I hold a Mystical Child inside that sees the world through her magical eyes.  I must capture those moments we so often miss, forget, or perhaps don't even see as beauty!  From illustrating fonts and collaging in my journals, to creating beautiful websites and logos/sigils, my intention is to capture the sacredness of LIFE itself.

I offer a variety of healing modalities that may include Intuitive Readings, Oracle & Tarot Cards, Astrology, Chakra & Energy Balancing, Applied Kinesiology, & Mindful Meditation practices, as well as an exploration of our creativity through Art & Collage.  Often looking deeper at the sensory tools we are drawn to (sound, sight, smell, taste, touch) can help unlock our deeper intuition, that ultimately leads us through the healing & transformational journey of returning HOME to the very essence of our Authentic Self.


"I'm going to make everything around me beautiful- that will be my life."  -Elsie de Wolf

"Take plenty of pictures. 

They may be the only proof you have that you were once truly and unconditionally happy."  -unknown



I hold a BA from Oregon State (2004) in Fine Arts (Printmaking & Design focused), and I am a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association (2012).  I have studied various modalities of Mindfulness & Experiential Therapies, including Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP, 2018), Re-Creation of The Self with founder, Jon Eisman (2018), an Introduction to Hakomi Therapy (Esalen Institute, 2015), Feldenkrais Method, Reiki, and a continual student of Master Astrologers, Chani Nicholas and Debra Silverman's Astrology programs. I have been working in the health & fitness industry since 2004, from instructing a variety of classes (Cycling, Yoga, Cardio-kickboxing, Sports Conditioning, Specialized Group Training, Mindful-CORE), and working one on one with individuals of all ages (rehab, sports performance, general health, weight loss, & regulating autoimmune diseases). I have had the privilege of 'holding space & creating Magic' as founder and owner of NEW LEAF Wellness Therapy, birthed in Oct. 2013, and after 7 years, was transformed into Hawthorne Healing Center, LLC.  I am continually excited about the process of collaboration with other healers, therapists & practitioners, as we lead Personalized Retreats & Workshops that bring together our giftings to be offered out into the world. I am grateful to get to be one of the 'weavers' & connectors of the unseen Magic that brings about the ripple effect of change, growth, & transformation.



T- (541) 408-5468

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